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We are professional handyman's, licensed and been working for over

10 years in the Bay Area.

We have experienced electricians, plumbers, painters and installers. 

We have established a reputation as one of the most recommended  professionals in Bay Area and Peninsula.

Client's smiles and satisfaction inspire us to serve even better!


When the handyman tells you he can fix it, believe. Handyman is courteous, has a prompt response and they stick to their word. Not only was our problem fixed, it was done inside of an hour and he did not leave a mess. I would highly recommend CA Handyman to anyone.

                     March 2, 2021  by Kay Bennett.

Alex is a great guy. Followed up and completed the work with great results. He goes over everything and answers any questions. I will be using him again


May 26, 2020  by B.B.

Professionalism, knowledge and efficiency in performing the repair. No complaints. Great job in a very short time and not too pricy.



Dec 16, 2020  by G.C.

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