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Fast & affordable


Get a seamless repair of the hole in your wall. Once our team is done, you                 won’t ever be able to tell it was even there.

Whatever size and shape

To assist with your drywall repairs, we at CA-Handyman Service can evaluate the job and recommend any additional measures such as releveling, acoustic insulation installation, or other remediation. Our technicians are also familiar with local building code requirements and safety protocols associated with drywall repair or installation. For larger jobs where full wall replacement is needed, we not only provide skilled expertise but also have ready access to quality materials and knowledgeable support staff. 


From a small drywall repair like a small hole to a home remodel, we have you covered. We do all types of drywall repairs and remodels in San Francisco & Bay area. Our team is knowledgeable in all aspects of drywall repair and will work with you to ensure that your walls and ceilings look as good as new.


Fast, affordable repairs

What people are saying


Kay Bennett

When the handyman tells you he can fix it, believe. Handyman is courteous, has a prompt response and they stick to their word. Not only was our problem fixed, it was done inside of an hour and he did not leave a mess. I would highly recommend CA Handyman to anyone.
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